The Role of Access in Preparing Globally Competent Special Education Teachers












Teacher Activities

Student Engagement

Materials and Resources


Lesson #2: To explore curriculum that promotes the development of globally competent citizens.
*Teacher will lead discussion on connecting the impact of globalization personally and how/why we can become globally competent citizens/teachers.  Assigned readings will be used as a framework
*Teacher will read to the class the following two children’s book-The Baobab Tree and The Little Boy Blue-The second book can be read in English and French.  After reading the books the teacher will facilitate a discussion on what stories to we have in the US that have the same message and ask the class to think about why, as teachers, we would present books from around the world using the same message. 
*Teacher will then ask students to explore children’s literature that reflects building global competence.
*Teacher will present 2 writing prompts:
How am I a globally competent teacher?  What can I do to expand globally competent curriculum in the classroom?

*Students will participate in teacher led lecture and discussion (30 min).
*Students will participate in teacher read aloud and discussion (45 min.)
*Students will explore globally competent Children’s Literature (45 min.).
*Students will participate in facilitated journal writing (30 min.)

Students will preread 2 readings:
Merryfield, M.M. & Kasai, M. (2004).  How are teachers responding to Globalization? Social Education, 68 (5) pp. 354-359. 
Zhao, T. (2010).
Preparing globally
teachers: A new imperative for teacher education.  Journal of Teacher Education, 61(5), 422-431.

*From Artifact Box:
Keita, F. (1996). The little boy blue.  Printed in Cote d’Ivoire by ROTOCI (French Version is Le Petit Garcon Bleu)
Stowell, L. (unknown
). The Baobab Tree.  Usborne First Reading series.  Available at

*Students will each report on three children’s books that reflect living in a globalized world.
*Students will complete two writing prompts in their journals.