The Role of Access in Preparing Globally Competent Special Education Teachers












Teacher Activities

Student Engagement

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Lesson #3: To investigate pedagogical skills to teach their students the necessary knowledge, skills, and disposition to analyze primary sources from around the world, interpret multiple points of view, and detect bias.
*Teacher will ask the students to form 4 groups.  Each group will be assigned one article and be asked to create a large foldable that reflects the key points from the assigned reading.  Upon completion of the foldable students will present their foldable to the class. 
Teacher will ask students to apply the information from the assigned readings and have them create a 50 min. lesson plan on globalization that they will then teach to a small group of their peers.  Lesson plan will be written using the Hunter Lesson Plan.
* Teacher will ask students to journal reflections on teaching demo’s

*Students will create a foldable and present the foldable to the class. (45 min.)

*Students will develop a 50 min lesson and teach the lesson to a small group of their peers.
Lesson plan will be written as if they were introducing the consequences of globalization to teachers/admin. at their schools (2 hrs.)

*Students will pre
read 4 articles.
Merryfield, M. & Kasai,
M. (2004).  How are
teachers responding to
globalization.  Social
Education, 68(4), 354
Harry, B., Arnaiz. P.,
Klingner, J., & Sturges,
K. (2008). Schooling
and the construction
of identity among
minority students in
Spain and the United
States.  The Journal of
Special Education,
42(1), 15-25.
Longview Foundation
(2008).  Teacher
preparation for the
global age: The
imperative for change.
Merryfield, M. (2008).
The challenge of
preparing teaches for
a global age.  Teacher
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***websites as
identified in resource
section above

Students will create foldables that reflects key information from the 4 articles.
Students will write one 50 min. lesson on an intro to globalization and teach this lesson to a small group of their peers. Lesson plan will use the Hunter lesson plan scope and sequence.

Students will journal reflections on teaching demo’s.