The Role of Access in Preparing Globally Competent Special Education Teachers












Teacher Activities

Student Engagement

Materials and Resources


Lesson #5: To apply critical social theory to compare the disenfranchisement of individuals with disabilities in Dekar, Senegal with individuals with disabilities in the U.S. Midwest.

*Teacher will lead discussion on learning, acknowledging, and respecting the way in which different individuals approach the learning process as is influenced by globalization including her own approach of critical social theory.
*Teacher will present the impact of globalization within the Midwest and make comparisons to Dekar, Senegal from Lesson #4.
*Teacher will explain to students how students will take the products from previous lessons and create a narrated powerpoint presentation of findings and recommendations

Students will engage in class discussion.

Students will create final presentations of findings and recommendations.

Students will reflect upon their peers presentations and write final reflection(s) in journal.

Students will preread:
Giroux, H. A. (2003).
Betraying the
intellectual tradition:
Public intellectual is
the crisis of youth.
Language and
Communication, 3(3),

Longworth, R. C.
(2008). Caught in the
middle: America’s
heartland in the age of
globalization. New
York: Bloomsbury


Student presentations of findings and recommendations.  Presentations will be narrated powerpoints that will be posted as podcasts.

Students will submit journal with final reflection(s) of the unit.